Amazon Streams HDR10+ to 2017 Samsung UHD TVs

Samsung and Amazon HDR10+

Owners of 2017 Samsung UHD TVs with access to Amazon Prime Video can now enjoy the enhanced HDR image quality that HDR10+ provides, thanks to its inclusion and use of dynamic metadata. As of today (December 13, 2017) Amazon is offering “hundreds of hours” of programming to stream in the new format.

Prime Originals that get the HDR10+ treatment include The Grand Tour, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, The Tick and The Man in the High Castle.

Thanks to dynamic metadata, HDR10+ allows for control of a TVs brightness levels on a scene-by-scene and even a frame-by-frame basis. It allows for the application of custom tone mapping to each scene in a show or movie, which per Samsung’s press release allows for “an enhanced visual experience with more detailed expressions, brighter shadow areas and more accurate color renderings that stay true to the creator’s original intent.

I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of difference the new format can make for streaming 4K HDR presentations on Samsung 2017 UHD TVs. So far, Dolby Vision has has an exclusive on HDR with dynamic metadata for consumers. But now it has some competition in the HDR with dynamic metadata game.

We’re dedicated to offering Prime Video members the best possible viewing experience, and we are very excited for our members around the world to experience our content in HDR10+,” said Greg Hart, Vice President of Prime Video. “The viewing experience, combined with Prime Video’s award-winning content, is ushering in a new era of entertainment for consumers on these devices.

Currently, support for HDR10+ consists Amazon’s Prime launch, 20th Century Fox’s commitment to the format, Samsung, and Panasonic. Although spearheaded by Samsung, HDR10+ is presented as an open format. I expect to see and hear more about this HDR format at CES 2018. And even before that happens, I hope to perform some sort of meaningful comparison between good ole’ HDR10 4K streaming—with its static metadata—and HDR10+ streaming.

To be continued…