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Useful information about the game of augmented reality Pokemon Go


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Pokemon Go is the role-playing mobile game of augmented reality from the Pokemon series. Published by Niantic and primarily marketed in the USA, New Zealand and Australia. In just 7 days after the release, the game gained great popularity and raised the cost of the owner of the Pokemon brand, Nintendo, by $ 8 billion.

A feature of Pokemon Go is the overlay of virtual objects on the real world. The game motivates to move through the streets to hunt Pokemon, go out and chat with others. Thus, many problems of modern youth are solved: hypodynamia and asociality in the real world. The game is distributed according to the free-to-play model. The game has additional, but optional in-game purchases. The game contains all the 1st generation Pokemon.


The idea of ​​such a game appeared in 2014 with Satoru Iwata from Nintendo and Tsunekazu Ishiari with The Pokémon Company on April 1st. It was then that a draw was made at Google - the company published an interesting video in which the future function of the Google Meps service was presented - augmented reality with pokemon that could be caught driving around the world. It turned out that it was not a rally, and Pokémon Company, Google and Nintendo invested thirty million dollars in Niantic to create such an opportunity. This choice was based on the fact that Niantic, which was founded in 2010 as a Google startup, already had a successful experience in creating augmented reality games. Her creation is called Ingress and is a game where 2 teams of players compete for the virtual possession of landmarks.

The game is available for download on Android, iOS and the Windows Phone platform. You can download the game Pokemon Go on the official website Google.Play and in iTyunz.

How to play Pokemon Go?

Spike in Pokemon Go is quite easy on a mobile phone. We need to find on the map Pokemon, and then go to them at the desired distance. Then get into them with virtual balls.

How to download Pokemon Go game?

In fact, everything is very easy - below you will learn how to find Pokemon in the game on your smartphone! Visit iTunes for IOS, Google.Play (Play.Market) for Android or install for Windows Background. Next in the search bar, enter the "pokemon go" and you will see the desired application on top. Then just download the official app. If that you can always go to the official website of the game Pokemon Go and download already there without registration.

Next, the hyperlink to the source, there you can simply find more information about where and how to download the game, how to install the toy and play Pokemon Go. In addition, there is a lot of useful data on the Novoston website with videos (YouTube), guides, release, gps and reviews of the Pokemon Go game. Also study the news and Wikipedia.

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