news - In the Pechersk district of Kiev plan to build a new home

In the Pechersk district of Kiev plan to build a new home


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In the Pechersk district of Kiev they plan to build a new housing. The Department of Urban Development and Architecture of Kiev reported that a public discussion began on a detailed project for the construction of residential buildings in the Pechersk district.

The residential complex is planned to be erected on the borders of Kikvidze streets, Professor Podvysotsky, Druzhby Narodov boulevard, Czech streets, Matrosov and Zheleznodorozhny highway. The main objective of the project is to create a new residential complex, instead of the production area where there are bases and warehouses, which at the moment almost all do not work. If you need to sell real estate in Kiev, a source information portal

In addition, the department considered a plan for the completion of the residential quarter in the area of ​​Dragomirov Street, it is planned to create traffic intersection and parking. Also there they plan to build a sports complex with a swimming pool, tennis court, gyms and a SPA complex.

It should be noted that the first floors of residential buildings will be occupied by a service area, there will be: pharmacies, libraries, cafes, a post office, shops, offices and private doctors' offices. Portal is a popular information portal about real estate in different segments of the Kiev city market.

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