news - Fun is a familiar companion of games with a minion, and physical education is like a nice bonus.

Fun is a familiar companion of minion games, and physical education is like a nice bonus.


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Many have seen the minions on the screen. Surely most wanted to have at the same. It has become real and accessible to everyone. The world is represented by a flying minion - an incredible toy that can fly. The popularity came to the minions immediately after the release of the cartoon "Despicable Me." No one can look at yellow creatures without a smile. The popularity of the toy is striking even despite the fact that it is new. There is no secret in this, the toy simply attracts attention. Unlike many parents who, after a day of work, are not able to entertain their child, a flying minion is able to do it always. It should immediately be ready for joyful shouts and not only from the mouth of the children, but also from their own.
The device is very simple and does not require study instructions. Although it comes bundled and yet it is better to look into it, maybe there will be something new for you. So, in short, the toy is equipped with two flight modes: automatic and controlled. When the automatic mode is on, the device does not soar above one meter. As for the managed mode, everything is much more interesting here. When the engine is turned on, the minion will not let you get close to you. The reason lies in the sensor that controls the toy. The sensor responds to objects under the toy and signals the motor to rise higher. Flight recorder can even be a hand. It should look after the minion, because he will constantly strive to land.
The remote that comes with the kit is more a remote device switch. With the help of that remote you can adjust the height of the flight. Inside the toy there is a small motor and a battery that feeds it. The battery’s minus is that it lasts about 10 minutes of flight, after which the toy should be put on charge for about half an hour. You can always use three AAA batteries that easily replace the battery. In this case, you will not need to constantly be on duty near the charger.
The developers of the flying minion in creating the toys were not guided solely by financial enrichment. The device is an excellent simulator for the reaction, imagination and fine motor skills of your child. Like it or not, and the child will have to run for the minion. Fun is a familiar companion of minion games, and physical education is like a nice bonus. At the end of the games, children are always drawn up for food, and here parents are only happy to help. It is worth admitting that many adults, looking at how children run after a flying toy, do not hold themselves and rush to take part in a miniature air show.
The quantities in which the minions are made are amazing, and all because of the thousands who want to get this piece of happiness for themselves. In turn, the price of the toy is pleasantly affordable and it will not be necessary to postpone the salary floor. You can easily become the owner of a flying minion. This requires access to the Internet and filling out the order form. The speed of delivery of the minion is comparable only with the departure from work on Friday evening.
Outdoors minion games will be as fun as possible. In order to avoid injury to the child and the burning of the nerve cells of the parents, it is not recommended to let the minion fly in the apartment. For example, not nature, minion games will be much more fun. So the nature will be doubly interesting to go. The high-grade and safe for health plastic served as the main material of the toy. At the same time, for a too small minion lover, such a friend may not be very helpful.

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