NAD Announces Dirac Live Integration for Upcoming AV Products

NAD and Dirac Live

NAD electronics has a 45 year history of building exceptional amplifiers. Today, the company announced a new partnership with Dirac Research to equip select AVRs and pre/pros in NAD’s Masters and Custom Install lines with Dirac Live room correction. Combining the engineering talents of the two companies is sure to result in some exciting new amplification options for music and home theater enthusiasts.

Dirac Live’s approach to room correction works on both the frequency response and the impulse response of a given speaker system and room. The press release from NAD—a Lenbrook brand—touts it as “the most advanced room correction technology available on the market” while noting the software’s unique ability to provide impulse response correction over a large listening area.

Greg Stidsen, Lenbrook’s director of technology and product planning, said “NAD Electronics has pioneered amplifier technology for more than 45 years thanks to its unwavering commitment to innovation. This partnership is a natural fit and we look forward to working with Dirac to deliver our customers with the best possible home theater experience.”

For the past couple of years, I’ve employed Dirac Live as my preferred room correction solution  by using an external processor. Having Dirac built into an integrated amplifier would simplify things considerably.

Niklas Thorin, Dirac’s General Manager of High Performance, spoke to the need for room correction by noting that “NAD Electronics’ reputation as a global leader in premium amplifiers is both justified and well-earned; their solutions represent some of the best in the industry. Yet, regardless of this truth, a room’s natural acoustics create audio abnormalities and sound colorations that even the most high-end home theater set-ups cannot overcome. With the support of Dirac Live, NAD’s newest line-up of amplifiers will be able to treat these acoustical flaws and, as a result, produce an even more refined and perfected hi-fi listening experience.”

With any luck, these new NAD/Dirac Live find their way to the show floor at CEDIA 2017 in San Diego, which is only a couple months away (September 5-9). I look forward to hearing what adding Dirac Live to NAD’s excellent amps can do for an AV enthusiast’s listening experience.