Monoprice THX-Certified Monolith Subs at CEDIA 2017

Avid online-shashki Forum readers may recall that last year, at CEDIA 2016, Monoprice announced a 15″ subwoofer that was going to be a world-beater in terms of performance. Well, as is sometimes the case with prototypes at shows, that particular subwoofer never came to be. However, for 2017 Monoprice has resolved its “subwoofer gap” in the high-performance Monolith lineup. This year, it presented a THX-certified line of Monolith subwoofers: The Monolith 10″, 12″ and 15″.

As you expect from Monoprice, the new models are priced to be more than competitive with competing products. In this instance, we’re looking a three different sizes at three different price points.

All three Monolith subwoofers are designed to run either sealed or vented and include specifications for both modes. For the sake of reference, THX Select certification means a sub is good for medium-size home theater rooms of up to 2000 cubic feet, where the viewing distance is 10-12 feet. THX Ultra certified means the sub can handle home theaters up to 3000 cubic feet and with a viewing distance of 12′ or greater.

First up is the Monolith 10″ model with an MSRP of $500. This 73-pound unit earned a THX Select certification and sports a driver that offers 18mm Xmax (one-way), 144-oz magnet, and 2.36″ voice coil. 500 watts of class-D amplification. This combination is good for a sealed frequency response of 28 Hz to 200 Hz (-6 dB) and a ported response of 18 Hz to 200 Hz (-6 dB).

Next is the Monolith 12″ model that’s priced at $800. This 98.5-pound sub is THX Ultra-certified and has a 12″ driver that shares the same motor structure as the 10″. Amplification is also the same, at 500 watts. But a larger driver and larger cabinet combine to offer higher performance. This dual-port model can do 26 Hz to 200 Hz when sealed, 19 Hz to 200 Hz with a single port, or 18 Hz to 200 Hz with both ports operating—all specs are -6 dB.

Here’s the 12″ version of the new Monolith subs

Finally, there’s the Monolith 15″ triple-ported THX Ultra subwoofer. This one will cost you $1300 but offers impressive specs. The driver gets a 216-ounce magnet and has a one-way Xmax of 25mm and 90mm Xmech. This is a 1000-watt sub that weighs 128.5 pounds and measures 26.8″ x 17.7″ x 27.6″. Response specs are impressive, in sealed mode it offers 15 Hz to 200 Hz response, with 2 ports it does 14 Hz to 200 Hz, and with 3 ports it offers more output with a response of 16 Hz to 200 Hz—all specs are -6dB.

Front view of the 15″ Monolith subwoofer from Monoprice

These subs are already on the Monoprice website and the company plans to ship them somewhere between mid-October and November of this year. Hopefully these Monolith subwoofers will be everything that has been hoped for since the 2016 sub was introduced but cancelled. It would be great to have some new subwoofer options with high performance at an attractive price.