Introducing “AVS Forum Sound System of the Week” – Submit Yours for Consideration

online-shashki Forum members, are you proud of your stereo or surround-sound system? Here’s your chance to show it off at its best. Introducing the “AVS Forum Sound System of the Week.” It’s our way of recognizing the vast variety of approaches to awesome audio found in the forums.

Whether you are into two-channel systems, multi-channel surround-sound, or 3D immersive audio, you are invited to send submissions to [email protected] and each week I’ll feature one on the online-shashki Forum homepage as well as in the newsletter.

I need…

– A few good photos for the post. Decent lighting, good framing, and cleanliness (no dust or fingerprints) are going to factor into what system I choose to feature.

– A complete list of what’s in the system. Brands & model names/numbers.

– An estimate of what the whole thing cost.

– A list of what (genres) you listen to on that system (music and/or AV). Favorite demo music tracks and movie scenes, for example.

– To know what you like best about the system.

I want…

– Measurements, if you’ve got ’em. You’ll definitely get bonus points for some charts.

– Any anecdotes or details you’d like to share about your system. 

– Plans you have to upgrade your system.

There is no minimum or maximum price to qualify for Sound System of the Week, nor does it need to consist of new gear—DIY builds and vintage gear system submissions are welcome. So, if you have everything needed to qualify for consideration, let me know asap by contacting me at [email protected]. I’m looking forward to seeing some super systems.

If you happen to live anywhere near Philadelphia, New Jersey, NYC, or even D.C./Baltimore, there’s a chance I could visit in person and make a short video about your system. So, please let me know if you live in this region.

And please, feel free to post about your submission in the comments to this article.