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neg9's Avatar neg9 11:44 PM 04-30-2010
Hello everyone,

Total noobie here, so I apologize if I may have missed something simple. Either which way, help would be very much appreciated!

I own a Dynex 42" Plasma TV (model DX-PDP42-09) which I'm attempting to map a couple of features to this Comcast remote:

What I'm trying to accomplish is when I press the TV button on the Comcast remote:

- TV/Cable input mapped to "Picture in Picture" On-Off button
- YPbPr1 input mapped to "Picture in Picture" Swap button
- HDMI-1 input mapped to "Picture in Picture" Move button
- Sleep timer mapped to "Picture in Picture" + button

Basically I'm trying to prevent from having to use my original OEM remote to switch inputs and put a sleep timer on, effectively keeping it all to one remote.

If it helps, I used Emerson code 10463 to setup my TV with the Comcast remote.

Thanks in advance for any assistance

3FingeredGlove's Avatar 3FingeredGlove 09:27 AM 05-01-2010
Since 10463 is the setup code, I'm guessing the image of the remote is close but not exactly your remote-- I suppose that your remote has a red OK/Select button instead of grey.

Anyway, the following condtions need to be met.
1) The Dynex must be capable of responding to an IR signal which commands the functions you are interested in, or respond to a sequence of commands that will do the function. For example, it should respond to an IR signal which tells it to change to HDMI1 or perhaps to the sequence .
2) You'll need to know or find out the corresponding function codes.
3) The functions codes (EFCs) will need to be assigned to the PIP buttons.

Do you switch inputs with a single button press on the original remote, or with a series of button presses?

For the moment, I'll assume that a single press works, or the TV can respond to a single press ( a discrete IR signal) even if the original remote doesn't have such a dedicated button.

You can use the Lookup Tool to see the normally used EFCs with setup code 10463, and try plausible functions. Select Device Search, and TV 0463 (not 10463) as the setup code. Click Search, and then click the resulting EFC link. There you'll see, e.g., that Sleep is listed as EFC=123.

Try this code on the Comcast remote by first pressing TV, then press Setup [edited to fix error] briefly. Then quickly enter 00123. When you press 3, the TV should go into sleep mode (if that is how the sleep function is reached with the Dynex).

For the input functions, well, try the likely candiddates, like "Input 5". If you don't find the function you want, you can try an exhaustive search of all 256 EFC possibilities between 00000 and 00255. Takes about 30 minutes, but be sure to watch for a reaction from the Dynex after trying each EFC. You wouldn't want to have reached a service menu, and not notice that fact.

Once you have the EFCs that you need, assign them semi-permanently by using the 994 EFC keymove command. See instructions here.

If it turns out that you need a sequence, post back and we'll go through the 995 command to setup macros.
neg9's Avatar neg9 02:28 PM 05-01-2010
My bad, yes the remote has a red "OK/Select" button instead of a grey (totally missed that!).

The input selection on the original remote works by pressing "Input", which will bring up a small blue menu, and you use up/down arrows to highlight the input you want, then press "OK" to select it.

I tried doing what you said, but Sleep did not activate. On the OEM remote, all that needs to be done to put a sleep timer on is by pressing the "Sleep" button, and pressing sequentially increases the timer, and it resets after 240 minutes. The "TV" button on the Comcast remote did indeed flash twice, but nothing happened once I entered 00123.

Is it possible that I choose a setup code which works for my remote, but does not cover the functionality of the old remote given that I'm using an Emerson setup code for a Dynex remote control?.
3FingeredGlove's Avatar 3FingeredGlove 08:44 PM 05-01-2010
Originally Posted by neg9 View Post

Is it possible that I choose a setup code which works for my remote, but does not cover the functionality of the old remote given that I'm using an Emerson setup code for a Dynex remote control?.

In a sense, yes, but by entering in EFCs, we can make the remote provide all of the functionality of the original remote and more. Dynex TVs are mostly made by the same people that make Emerson, Insignia, Orion, etc. TVs, and they tend to use the same IR signals for all the brands. So we may be able to use the known EFCs for Insignia (the Best Buy house brand with much greater market penetration) to program the remote for your Dynex. And, even if it turns out that some of the Insignia function numbers don't work for the Dynex, there are only 256 possible function numbers. You can try each one.

For testing EFCs, it is a good idea to make sure that the procedure is correct. Try testing 00052. That should make the volume go up. Here are some more to try:
Input 00248
Video 00036
Component 00040
TV (RF/Antenna) 00042
HDMI 00101
Discrete Off 00197
Discrete Off 00201

Again, you can systematically try 00000 through 00255. That will cover every possible IR signal the the Dynex can respond to.
Vin's Avatar Vin 01:39 PM 05-03-2010
Originally Posted by neg9 View Post

Is it possible that I choose a setup code which works for my remote, but does not cover the functionality of the old remote given that I'm using an Emerson setup code for a Dynex remote control?.

Try the LG setup codes.
3FingeredGlove's Avatar 3FingeredGlove 02:33 PM 05-03-2010
The OP already has a working Setup code-- 10463. That code shoots the NEC2 IR protocol with device 134.5. LG TVs use NEC1 with device 4.251. There is no chance that a LG setup code will help the OP.

What is being discussed here is the individual function numbers that are assigned to buttons. He is interested in some functions which apparently aren't assigned to buttons in Setup code 10463.
neg9's Avatar neg9 06:03 PM 05-03-2010
Much appreciation for all the suggestions, I went ahead and followed your instructions very closely, and I found that when I did each code (00000 to 00255) nothing happened. Some codes made the TV button blink a couple of times, but on the TV - nothing happened.

I entered 00123 for Sleep, the TV button on the Comcast remote blinked 2 times, nothing happened on the TV. On one particular occasion, the Sleep mode did activate, but I have not been able to replicate that since.

Sort of scratching my head right now lol.

I also went to the link you provided, entered Dynex as my TV, and tried each Comcast remote listed as the "target remote", and unfortunately, that yielded similar results.

Any possibly reason why Im running into this road block?
3FingeredGlove's Avatar 3FingeredGlove 07:04 PM 05-03-2010
Ah.... I made a mistake in the instructions I gave you, and I suspect I've wasted a fair amount of your time. Sorry about that. So let's just start new.

Do you have 10463 assigned to the TV device button? Make sure, because my bad instructions may have overwritten a previous assignment.
Do that by pressing TV, then press and hold Setup until 2 blinks, then enter 10463. The remote should blink twice.

If you Press TV, followed by Vol+, does the TV volume go up?

If yes, then (still in TV mode, not CBL mode) press Setup briefly (don't wait for 2 blinks--that was my mistake!), and enter 00052. Does the TV volume go up?

If so, now the procedure is correct, and you should be able to try the suggested codes, or do the exhaustive search. But be sure that you can make the volume go up when you enter in EFC 00052. If it doesn't go up, then entering in other EFCs will be a waste of time.

By the way the red OK/Select Comcast remotes are 1067BX3 JP1.3.
Lordlindsey's Avatar Lordlindsey 11:13 AM 04-14-2012
10463 worked for me.
KG7OR's Avatar KG7OR 11:58 AM 03-02-2013
Programming cable or satellite remote to TV (technical)

Technical question: I was troubleshooting a nice Sharp HDTV with an unresponsive Sharp remote. No reaction whatever to any commands from the remote. The batteries were replaced and the IR ports on both the remote and the TV were carefully cleaned, with no help. The button controls on the cabinet worked fine.

I noticed that in trying to program a separate U-verse remote to it, the procedure included the following:

1. Enter the correct code from the list provided with the remote (I did).
2. The "TV" LED on the remote will respond with 3 flashes when the correct code for that specific set is entered (it did).

My question: how does the U-verse remote know that the code was correct for that TV? There's nothing in the remote itself to *receive* anything from the TV -- it only transmits commands. So what would cause the "TV" light on the remote to give me a "yes, that's the right code for this particular set" indication?

I was trying to make another remote work with the set in order to prove the trouble in the original Sharp remote, or in the TV. It ultimately turned out to be the IR receiver in the TV. But I still don't understand how a cable or satellite remote can know when the right code for a specific set has been entered and accepted.
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