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NighthawkDC2's Avatar NighthawkDC2 03:51 AM 04-02-2013
Does anyone on the wide world of the online-shashki forum know a universal remote code for the BLACK UVERSE remote that will control the Yamaha RX-V573? I would definitely like something that will power it up and control volume if nothing else.

JBWIII's Avatar JBWIII 09:44 AM 04-02-2013
Hopefully you already tried these, but just in case, there are lots of Yamaha codes here:

Also post a photo of your remote--it could be similar to different providers' remotes and maybe someone will know.
HDMann's Avatar HDMann 12:09 PM 12-24-2013

5167 is the code to control RX-V573

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