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Red Angel's Avatar Red Angel 02:43 PM 10-21-2003
Keeping it clean here - but what are the differences between the D* adult PPV choices such as Taste of Spice, Spice Platinum, Playboy TV, Hot Network, and Hot Zone? Are some more 'core than others? I've also heard that Playboy TV is pretty does it compare to some of the MA content on Cinemax or TMC?


snidely's Avatar snidely 09:41 AM 10-22-2003
Don't know about the others. In years past, Playboy offered 99 cents one day specials a couple times. Their product was not as "revealing" as Cinemax in most cases. It has been several years since I did this. Doubt things have changed.
I have had a Canadian system for a couple years. It took me a year to discover that their "regular" movie package often shows movies that we would consider "X" rated.

El Barto's Avatar El Barto 12:27 AM 10-24-2003
There was a good website I came across one time which explained the differences between some of the adult PPV channels, and why they show what they show. They can't be hardcore (in the US) because of certain laws and regulations...they can't show certain parts, certain "taboo" acts (although they can simulate it, I guess), bodily fluids,'s all pretty much softcore.
izzo's Avatar izzo 07:08 AM 10-24-2003
Quote:'s all pretty much softcore
Ummm, Have you checked out Hot Zone or Spice Platinum? They show the whole deal. No, I am not a perve, just wanted to set things straight :)

Red Angel's Avatar Red Angel 10:58 AM 11-21-2003
How does playboytv compare to Cinemax these days?
Mr.Poindexter's Avatar Mr.Poindexter 11:14 AM 11-21-2003
Playboy does not show hardcore during the day. Sex is simulated, no "money shots" etc. They have their "Director's Cut" films they show that are hard core, but I don't think they have the money shot. Also the amature videos show actual sex, but again not the money shot.

I thought that Cinemax was the same way - soft core without showing actual penetration. I don't have Cinemax.

Most of Playboy's shows are pretty boring. I don't like any of the call in shows. Sexy Urban Legens is fun, but I preferred the announcer the first season much more than the two guys narrating the story from the bar. They even went back and redid some of the earlier shows in the new format.

7 Lives Exposed was interesting, but not as addictive as Joe Millionaire was. I saw one of the characters, Mason, on Game Show Network as Trevor on the game show Dog Eat Dog. 7 was interesting to me the first season, but I didn't even watch all the episodes on season 2.

Their show Double Entry is interesting from the standpoint that you are looking at the other side of the camera. Still, I don't watch much PBTV now. It just isn't that compelling.
Mike Up's Avatar Mike Up 02:00 AM 11-23-2003
DirecTV programming:

Playboy TV: Mainly softcore(rated NC 17 or X depending on what you feel each means). Exceptions are Naughty Amateur Home Videos and the Director's Cut series which are considered XX hardcore. This is without the climax scenes and another act which are illegal in Oklahoma, North Carolina, Utah, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, & Cincinnati, Ohio. XX content is legal in the entire US. (Offered Monthly or PPV)

Hot Zone is XX(Offered only on PPV)

Spice Platinum is XX 1/2 which includes climax but nothing else. It's illegal in the 7 areas of the US.(Offered only on PPV)

Hot Net is same as Spice Platinum(Offered only on PPV)

Taste of Spice is NC 17/X which is total softcore, no hardcore.(Offered only on PPV)

Dish Net:

Clips is XX(Offered Monthly or PPV)

Ten is XX(Offered Monthly or PPV)

Playboy is both X and XX(Offered Monthly or PPV)

Extasy is XXX and includes everything which is completely unedited(as if you rented the movie from a local rental shop).(Offered Monthly or PPV)

Hot Zone is XX(Offered only on PPV)

I believe I made this explanation 'clean' as this is 'exactly' the way each provider explained it to me over the phone.

BTW, I've had both services and they are as I stated.

Playboy TV has 2 versions being Playboy supports censorship. Their versions depend on the cable provider. If your cable provider supports censorship, then Playboy will also to make money. They don't take a stand on something they say they are against. Can we say hypocrites?

Have a good one.
Mr.Poindexter's Avatar Mr.Poindexter 10:19 AM 11-23-2003
You can be against something without taking a stand. It doesn't make you a hypocrite. The censorship costs them money from people who won't get their censored service. Not providing it costs them even more money in lost revenue from those who will settle for the censored version.

I can say hypocrite, but I also know what it means and when to use it. This case doesn't apply.
Mike Up's Avatar Mike Up 04:06 PM 11-23-2003
You can be against something without taking a stand. It doesn't make you a hypocrite.
Using gun control as an example only, not saying I'm against or for it, just as an example.

If I was against gun control but did not take a stand to fight against gun control, I then could see your point. However, if I was against gun control but then I decide to protest against gun owners and laws that make them legal, I would be a Hypocrite. This is exactly what Playboy is doing. They are saying they are against censorship yet are the most voluntarily censored adult networks to include censorship where it's not needed by law. They are sell outs in their cause, only to make a fast buck. They simple talk out of both sides of their mouth.

I honestly wish DirecTV would drop Playboy Enterprises completely and go with New Frontier as Echostar has. Playboy owns all the Spice Networks and that's all of the adult channels offered by DirecTV. In fact, Spice Platinum and the Hot Network are illegal in the 7 areas I mentioned already YET they still censor/edit out content that's legal everywhere else in the country. Why? They voluntarily censor and that makes them on the pro-censorship side of the fence. Hugh said long ago he didn't want to get into porn. IMO, he should had never done so if he planned on censoring it all. Leave the real adult material for real adult networks.

I just hate censorship in all forms. No matter the content or the channel. It's bad enough we have the government telling us what we can do in our own homes, then only to have the media side with the censors when it's not legally needed. Channels as HBO that are not marketed as Adult channels shouldn't include explicit acts, that's not their primary function. Adult channels that are 'marketed' as adult channels, should not be censored as people are paying for and expecting the real deal, not a watered down, censored version.

Sorry for the rant, but as I said I hate censorship. It's bad enough when it's needed legally, but when it's not, it's intolerable.

I hope since we are actually conversing about a network's censorship decision on content, that this won't be pulled into the overall issue of adult material censorship, since this is not the topic. My comments are based only on the action of the networks censoring themselves whether it be adult, environment subjects, presidential follies, or anything. This isn't a moral discussion, only a discussion on a network's decision to self-censor without legal need. Which in turn by doing so, is frauding customers who are expecting the original movie/program content without censorship or editing.

BTW, you do realize that 7 Lives Exposed is "FICTION". They are all hired softcore and hardcore actors, that play a role in this fictitious show. I was really surprised that legal action wasn't taken against playboy for fraud on this issue. They marketed the show as "REAL" and a REALITY show, which it is not. Only a program depicting a Reality Show. Playboy even went to lengths to include the actors portraying their roles, on Night Calls to give the illusion it was REAL. I believe Survivor got into hot water previously when some of the show was acted out and therefore had to have statements about these scenes included for legal reasons. If Survivor got nailed for acting out a scene that actually did take place off of camera, I really can't see why Playboy doesn't get brought up on charges of deceptive advertising. Just doesn't make sense.

Have a good one.
Mr.Poindexter's Avatar Mr.Poindexter 06:33 PM 11-23-2003
7 Lives Exposed is still acted much better than wrestling. I don't think that Playboy would be in as much hot water as Survivor, as they are not selling lots of advertising.

I saw one of the characters from 7 Lives (Mason) on Dog Eat Dog on the Game Show Network under the name Trevor. I think his "wife" Marla was on it, too, but I wasn't certain.

I am also against censorship, cropping, etc. I just find that for Playboy to "take a stand" would cost them additional money in lost revenue and being in business is about making money. As for why they are using the "cut" versions in areas outside the 7 areas, the cost of having two seperate feeds may have something to do with that.
sdwow's Avatar sdwow 09:50 AM 11-24-2003
Referring to this subject, you should see what is available from the C-Band satellite TV services.
snidely's Avatar snidely 11:53 PM 11-24-2003
To show how "dense" i am, it took me over a year of having BEV to realize that some of what is described as "XX" above is shown on one station in their movie package in the late evening, usually on weekends.
Just shows how repressed we "Americans" are.

Mike Up's Avatar Mike Up 12:38 AM 11-25-2003
To show how "dense" i am, it took me over a year of having BEV to realize that some of what is described as "XX" above is shown on one station in their movie package in the late evening, usually on weekends.
HBO has let some things slide on Real Sex and Shock TV, but mostly the XX content is censored out. I would actually expect this type of programming on Cinemax as that's what Skinamax:) is known for.

While HBO seems to be getting more explicit obviously due to the demand of such programming, it's their call. I just think they need more cautionary statements that this isn't your ordinary "CABLE VERSION" rated X softcore programming. HBO isn't known for this type of programming and by not carefully using highly cautionary advisories, could cause them to lose customers who are offended by these shows. If they want to show hardcore, I have no objection as long as they do everything to advise on what that programming contains. I really don't like them showing 'real sex' and 'shock tv' preview scenes for advertising, during normal prime time hours either. Those times are considered safe zones as they have no ratings and they have slipped nudity in there when kids may access it. Remember, the program rating chips won't block a program if it's not rated. I don't believe in censoring content but responsibility has to be taken.

I remember a time before cable. We in Chicago had ON-TV. It showed Movies in the evening and hardcore porn at night on channel 44. Soon Spectrum TV had the same programming but on channel 66. A descrambler was used to unscramble the OTA signal. Unfortunately for both providers, many of our portable 13" B&W TVs did a fairly good job also as most of my friends and I found out :) . Soon, the FCC found out from complaining parents and they were both taken off the air. That's why hardcore programming was a thing of the past. Up until now, there was no way to completely block the picture. Now that adult programming has safeguards, hardcore is back. It can't be unscrambled with a killer fine tuning knob or a black box, only with a password ;) .

Have a good one.
MrHifi's Avatar MrHifi 03:54 PM 12-01-2003
On C-Band there are many XXX rated feeds available. Go C-Band!
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