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NGiovas's Avatar NGiovas 03:15 PM 02-05-2012
I'm curious how much other people paid to have their drywall hung. I have hung drywall and had someone else tape it, but I have never had anyone hang and tape a full room. I originally was going to hang all of the drywall myself, but I am beginning to think it will be worth the money to have it done professionally and have it knocked out in a couple of days. A friend of mine is a contractor and said he would have his drywall guy do it for me, but I am paying the drywall contractor directly, so unfortunately no free labor on this deal .

My room is 23' x 19' x 7.5'. The hat channel is already installed on the ceiling. I have no electrical boxes to cut around in the walls or ceiling. I am going to hang two layers of 5/8" drywall with GG between the layers and I am going to caulk all of the seams. They said they will purchase and deliver all of the drywall to the basement. I just need to provide the GG and caulk. They have walked through exactly what I want to do and quoted me $2100 for everything. Does this sound reasonable?

BIGmouthinDC's Avatar BIGmouthinDC 04:18 PM 02-05-2012
Offer them $1600. Negotiating with subs is like buying a used car and is an expected part of the game, They want full retail after a contractor mark-up, you want to pay wholesale and they are the wholesalers.

Hanging is one day, Taping, mudding and sanding is 2-3 more depending if they use quick set mud.

Whatever you do take the day off they hang the drywall so you can be sure that they use the right size screws to avoid hitting a joist and negating the purpose of the clips and channel. You may want to apply the GG per specifications or at least supervise the process.
Dingaling2004's Avatar Dingaling2004 02:52 AM 02-06-2012
Hey there,
I looked at contracting the job out. The drywall cost me about $1500 for two layers of 16mm (5/8) fire rated gyprock. I received two quotes for installation only. One was about 1500 to 2000 and the other was 8,000. He obviously wasn't too keen on the job! In any case, as I was going to cover the walls in fabric, the finish was not paramount. If I was painting, I would NEVER attempt this job myself. It was a hot, heavy and thoroughly [email protected]&ty job, which can be attested to by those poor souls who helped me (dear Dad, friend Mike and online-shashki guys Peter M and Peter K (Elill). It's hard work and if you're after a first rate finish, employ a professional. The money I saved paid for the fabric lining so I'm happy. Good luck!
NGiovas's Avatar NGiovas 07:54 PM 02-07-2012
Thanks for the responses. I'm going to try to call the contractor about the price tomorrow. Doing the math on the materials (he told me exactly how much he needed and where he is buying it), the labor seems high. I will have to make sure he understands that the job isn't automatically his.
RTROSE's Avatar RTROSE 08:25 PM 02-07-2012

I'm with Big, the quote sounds on the high side. I would definitely get at least two more quotes so you have some leverage.

Good luck.


dougl99's Avatar dougl99 10:04 PM 02-07-2012
I am just now finishing my upstairs. approx 1700' with knee walls and 9-10' ceilings. I supplied the rock/tape/corners/mud...all but screws. Two large rooms, (3) rooms about 10x10, 1 bath, 1 closet. $960 to hang, $1200 to tape and float (no texture). They charged per sheet, but I don't recall what that was.
rabident's Avatar rabident 10:14 PM 02-07-2012
Is there an average cost to hang per sqft or does it depend on the room?

My builder quoted me $16k for a single ~1600 sqft rectangular room with 5/8" DD + GG + clips (walls + ceiling). That also included HVAC & electrical for the room, but seemed way high vs cost of materials.

Any issues with doing clips + single layer of drywall to start, then add GG + another layer later?
AZGAMD's Avatar AZGAMD 11:32 PM 02-07-2012
A friend of mine use to install drywall and said he would usually take the cost of the materials then multiply by 3. This would get him a rough idea what it would cost and could adjust it from there depending on the difficulty of the job. Right or wrong when my room was being done I used this formula and most contractors fell within a few hundred dollars above or below this number. After reminding them the first and second layer did not need texture the cost went down. Remember you are applying two layers to the inside of the room so it is double the square footage and if they are using a similar formula to calculate costs then it will include taping, mudding, and texturing the first layer prior to GG and the second layer. You might have to "remind" them or they may try to charge you for this service. I also found it difficult to explain GG application and eventually began telling contractors the second layer was "glued", but I would supply the "glue". One installer tried to sell me on the soundboard and drywall route saying it was just as good as GG. I told him I would believe the published data and hundreds of happy customers before I would change my mind. Good luck with your install.
Ted White's Avatar Ted White 06:57 AM 02-08-2012
A lot of general contractors think soundboard-type material is the best thing going. It's been around for decades and that's all they know.
NGiovas's Avatar NGiovas 08:24 AM 02-08-2012
I know exactly what he is paying for the materials, so that isn't a factor. I'm wondering if he just used a standard formula and didn't take into account that he won't need to mud the first layer. I still haven't had time to call him, but I hope to talk to him today.
randy98mtu's Avatar randy98mtu 08:35 AM 02-08-2012
I'm following this as hopefully I'll be calling to get this done for my entire basement soon. I have a related question; how do you find a drywaller you trust to do it? I know I will take the day off and supervise/help with the GG.

Conversely I've considered doing OSB for the first layer, then GG and 5/8 for the second layer and do all that with my own help. Then pay a drywaller to do the rest of the basement including taping the theater.
filetandrelease's Avatar filetandrelease 08:46 AM 02-08-2012
$28 a sheet hung, taped, mud, sanded, spray textured- in my 1700 ft basement/theatre room- ended up being 135 sheets.
Jon_B's Avatar Jon_B 10:58 AM 02-08-2012
Originally Posted by Ted White View Post

A lot of general contractors think soundboard-type material is the best thing going. It's been around for decades and that's all they know.

Well duh Ted...What else is there out there can stop "sound" other than good old "sound board"
Ted White's Avatar Ted White 11:03 AM 02-08-2012
It's such a great name
NGiovas's Avatar NGiovas 06:29 PM 02-08-2012
Originally Posted by filetandrelease View Post

$28 a sheet hung, taped, mud, sanded, spray textured- in my 1700 ft basement/theatre room- ended up being 135 sheets.

The funny thing is if you multiple 75 sheets (which is what I need for my theater) by the $28 you mentioned, I get $2100, which is exactly what he quoted. I still think he was just using a standard formula for taping and mudding all of it. Time to give him a call.
NGiovas's Avatar NGiovas 07:40 PM 02-08-2012
Finally got around to calling to discuss the drywall quote. We worked it out. He said that the price was due to several factors:

  • 5/8" drywall is much heavier and harder to work with. Main concern is that my basement is very difficult to get into. He has to use 8' sheets because 10' sheets won't fit down the stairs. With 8' sheets they are going to have to back them into the bathroom and lift them over the sink and toilet to have enough room to get them down the stairs.
  • They really weren't sure about working with the Green Glue. They didn't know if it had to be troweled, how thick it would be, etc.
  • He was planning to have the guys hang the drywall on a Saturday so I could help out/watch over the install without taking a day off of work. He planned on giving the guys a little extra for working on the weekend (I was happy about this part).
In the end he agreed to do some extra work that was originally going to cost me $200 for no extra charge and he said if the Green Glue is as easy to work with as I claim, he would knock off a couple hundred more.

In the end I'm happy with the price. The best part is that I trust them and have seen there work several times and know how good they are. That alone is worth the extra money.
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