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remember's Avatar remember 07:48 PM 11-22-2008
The title sums up my question.

Which type of connector is better, and in what type of applications?

From the little I could find, compression connectors are said to be more permanent, while crimp connectors can more often leave tiny openings to water entry or environmental attacks compared to compression connectors.

I should add that I am in Palm Desert(120F in the summer) in case that has any bearing on the decision making.

Cathan's Avatar Cathan 07:58 PM 11-22-2008
Compression is always more secure. Because it requires a special tool, it just happens to be a bit more expensive is all.
RTROSE's Avatar RTROSE 08:47 PM 11-22-2008
Do to needing specific (custom) lengths of cables I have decided to DIY some of my own video runs and have chosen compression fittings vs. crimp. Two main reasons I chose compression over crimp are compression fittings are usually shorter than crimp (not by much) but enough to make a difference in a cramped box or AV cabinet and typically easier to get a good solid connection.

If I were to ever go crimp I would use Canare connectors they tend to be very highly rated and I believe it is what BJC (Blue Jeans Cables forum sponsor) uses in their connectors. BJC is a top notch company and if the connectors are good enough for them then er ah well you get the idea.

I also think that compression fittings are more weather resistant than crimped and I can't think of any fitting around my home done by the cable/satellite companies that aren't compression fittings.

If you use the search function there are several threads here at online-shashki on DIY cables with some links to interesting videos and how to's on compression and crimp connectors.


jlachanc's Avatar jlachanc 09:40 PM 11-22-2008
FWIW, I had added a extra coax run to a spare room to provide CATV using crimp fittings. A couple months later the cable company shut off my cable because I had an "illegal" level of RF leakage was detected. I had the cable guy come out to fix and he said he sees this problem all the time with crimp fittings and recommended only using compression.
GPowers's Avatar GPowers 11:07 PM 11-22-2008
I like Compression versus Crimp connectors. Have used both. Always had problems with crimping but i have never had any problems with compression. The tool is expensive but you get a much better finished product, looks better too,
skid_68's Avatar skid_68 01:42 PM 11-23-2008
I saw the BJC reference, but what other compression connectors do you guys like to use?
remember's Avatar remember 02:11 PM 11-23-2008
What about the Canare crimp connectors?

I don't know where I read it, but somewhere said that the Canare F-connectors are at the top of the list. However they are crimp connectors, so does this mean even these are not as good as the compression connectors?
BFauska's Avatar BFauska 07:43 PM 11-23-2008
I have a tool made by "Ideal" that is sold at hardware stores that I could swear was about $30 with several connectors, but I can't find any similar deals online and I don't remember where I bought it. I have used that brands connectors without any difficulty.

One thing that I found very useful when doing the compression connectors is using one of the coax strippers that you clamp on and then twist around the cable and it strips each layer of the insulation and shield to just the right length for use in the connector. Again... I'm of no use suggesting a source, but I think it was about $15 and worth every penny.
autox320's Avatar autox320 03:45 AM 02-23-2009
The best...compression Thomas and Betts.

Can go really inexpensive with a universal tool and
CJO's Avatar CJO 12:45 PM 02-23-2009
Originally Posted by autox320 View Post

The best...compression Thomas and Betts.

I use the Thomas and Betts compression tool and ends, but I don't know that I would go as far as saying that they are the best. There are a lot of nice compression tools out there.

As far as compression versus Canare crimpers, I would still stick with compression for f connectors. The compression is so easy, there is not much to mess up. However, for RCA or BNC, I use Canare crimpers and ends.

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