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RTRic's Avatar RTRic 05:42 PM 12-16-2010
Originally Posted by TyrantII View Post

I'm really perplexed why they limited it to PS+ members only (besides the limited give aways on some sites). Granted, it's "Beta", but this is a game that you're going to have to shell out additional money for. Thats a really tough sell for many, especially those who bought into PSN = Free.

It makes sense to get people involved and invested into it as fast as possible, so they can take their free trial data and continue with the full game when it releases.

Bad move by Sony IMO. They should open this one to everyone ASAP.

Cuz they are paying customers and getting into betas are one of the perks of being PS+ member. If you let everyone in then it devalues the value of PS+ and Sony can't have that.

TyrantII's Avatar TyrantII 06:28 PM 12-16-2010
No kidding. My point was this is the wrong game to do that with.

Killzone 3 makes sense. This one, not so much.

MMO's live and die by the size of their (paying) customer base, and I'm just surprised they're not pushing to reach the biggest base possible as soon as possible. Who knows, maybe Joe's right and they'll open the Beta up in time. Some reason, I doubt it.
coneyparleg's Avatar coneyparleg 08:49 AM 12-17-2010
Originally Posted by TyrantII View Post

I'm really perplexed why they limited it to PS+ members only (besides the limited give aways on some sites). Granted, it's "Beta", but this is a game that you're going to have to shell out additional money for. Thats a really tough sell for many, especially those who bought into PSN = Free.

It makes sense to get people involved and invested into it as fast as possible, so they can take their free trial data and continue with the full game when it releases.

Bad move by Sony IMO. They should open this one to everyone ASAP.

I think Sony is anti cheap ass.

BTW the beta if really fun
krimson's Avatar krimson 08:58 AM 12-17-2010
Originally Posted by TyrantII View Post

Bad move by Sony IMO. They should open this one to everyone ASAP.

Simply put, it's a beta, not a demo.
zetram's Avatar zetram 10:01 AM 12-17-2010
Originally Posted by TyrantII View Post

No kidding. My point was this is the wrong game to do that with.

Killzone 3 makes sense. This one, not so much.

MMO's live and die by the size of their (paying) customer base, and I'm just surprised they're not pushing to reach the biggest base possible as soon as possible. Who knows, maybe Joe's right and they'll open the Beta up in time. Some reason, I doubt it.

Maybe it's not a Sony decision alone. After all, this game is a shared community.

The beta isn't open on the pc, so why should it be on the ps3? Sure they gave out a lot of beta codes, but it was still restricted.

To be honest it sounds like sour grapes to me whenever someone talks about how Sony makes mistakes or skrews people over when plus subscribers get a nice perk here and there.
tgable's Avatar tgable 10:11 AM 12-17-2010
They may not have the capacity to let everyone on the PSN join the beta, that would be a huge stress test which is not the point for the beta ATM.
tfoltz's Avatar tfoltz 05:23 PM 12-17-2010
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 05:42 PM 12-17-2010
Well there you go. It's being handled right. PS+ gets automatic entry and key websites get promo keys. Looks like there's no reason not to get in if you really want to and are patient. Everyone wins.
TyrantII's Avatar TyrantII 05:47 PM 12-17-2010
And grabbed one.

Still, I'm not changing my mind that they should open it up to as many people as fast as possible. I agree that plus needs value for it to work, but a MMO on a console that is going to be asking for subscription fees isn't the best thing to put into plus / select websites. Even if it's Beta and a Demo is coming. Hell, Beta's shouldn't be given out as prizes period, but to thoes who respond to questioners and post on the Dev's forums the most so that the dev's can get the best feedback on Beta's. After all, that's what they're really for (or should be for). Increasingly Beta just means "Early Demo".

Still, who knows. Sony / the websites might have paid extra for that exclusivity.

Now, can I put GT5 down?....

Chris Ruhl's Avatar Chris Ruhl 11:23 AM 12-18-2010
Argh...this thing is constantly locking up my PS3. Has happened several times now.
tfoltz's Avatar tfoltz 11:40 AM 12-18-2010
Same. It just keeps getting worse. I've had 3 lock ups in 30 minutes.
Chris Ruhl's Avatar Chris Ruhl 11:55 AM 12-18-2010
Tfoltz - are you getting a total freeze of the PS3, or just the game, or what?

I've had several times where the PS3 completely freezes, forcing me to manually turn off the PS3... and I've had several instances where my characters just won't move, even though there is action going on around me. Can't move in any direction, just sits there and turns in circles and squats.
bassmonkeee's Avatar bassmonkeee 12:49 PM 12-18-2010
I finally went through the 2 hour download process this morning, and created my character, Mr Brutus, in world A. Went through the tutorial spaceship, and everything seemed fine.

It locked up when I went to quit the game.

My biggest problem so far is that I don't know how to change the y-axis of the camera stick. Is that possible?

The cinematic at the beginning was great. I'm looking forward to spending some time with the game later this evening.

As for locking up--that's why they do betas, right?
tfoltz's Avatar tfoltz 01:14 PM 12-18-2010
The entire PS3 freezes and I have to hold the power button to turn off. I've had sound go out, buttons not work, and items/bad guys turn invisible. Very buggy. But, I keep going back.

Originally Posted by Chris Ruhl View Post

Tfoltz - are you getting a total freeze of the PS3, or just the game, or what?

TyrantII's Avatar TyrantII 01:26 PM 12-18-2010
Originally Posted by bassmonkeee View Post

The cinematic at the beginning was great. I'm looking forward to spending some time with the game later this evening.

could a comic book junkie in the know tell me why superman's eyes were red and he looked hungover? Also, who and what are the Brainiac, and Whats the deal with cyborg Luther?

Never really followed the Justice League stuff, so while the cinema was cool and a great setup, I have no idea on the backstory to it.
Crash44 03:40 PM 12-18-2010
Since this is supposed to be a beta test is there a reporting function in the game, or does it give a site to send feedback to? I know they can ping accounts and look at history but a report function makes me feel like I'm actually helping.

I did the DL last night so I will know later today if it took. Hopefully I'll get to zap something tonight.
TyrantII's Avatar TyrantII 03:57 PM 12-18-2010
I did see a feedback thing in the menu system. Not sure how good it is, how it works, ect. I only set up a character, looked at the menu's, then went to bed.

If they were smart, it would mail a debug log to them of the past crash and everything up to it.
zetram's Avatar zetram 04:55 PM 12-18-2010
The game is the back story, but apparently is due to whatever he was recovering from.

Lex's kryptonite supersuit is something that's been used many times. How else could he stand up to Superman?

Brainiac is the supercomputer that ran Krypton that actual caused it's distruction
bassmonkeee's Avatar bassmonkeee 08:11 PM 12-18-2010
Originally Posted by zetram View Post

Brainiac is the supercomputer that ran Krypton that actual caused it's distraction

So, Brainiac is a video game programmer?
ashunte23's Avatar ashunte23 12:37 AM 12-19-2010
If you don't want to wait to get back on the same server again just wait the lockups out. I was getting upset at first but then again this is a beta, so I get over it pretty quickly. I waited out 3 lockups before I met my frustration level!
bassmonkeee's Avatar bassmonkeee 05:32 AM 12-19-2010
I don't understand getting frustrated at lockups in a beta---THAT'S WHY THERE IS A BETA IN THE FIRST PLACE.

If they bother you that much, don't participate and just wait until the game goes gold and is released to the general public.
coneyparleg's Avatar coneyparleg 08:56 AM 12-19-2010
this game is broken i want my money back
zetram's Avatar zetram 09:34 AM 12-19-2010
Anyone else login this mourning to find you self fused together w/ every other player in the city. It was pretty entertaining.
tfoltz's Avatar tfoltz 04:17 PM 12-19-2010
You don't understand why people are annoyed when a game, even in beta, locks up every 10 minutes? Really?
number1laing's Avatar number1laing 08:37 AM 12-20-2010
Originally Posted by tfoltz View Post

You don't understand why people are annoyed when a game, even in beta, locks up every 10 minutes? Really?

It's a beta. File a report and move on.
Chris Schempp's Avatar Chris Schempp 08:43 AM 12-20-2010
I was thinking I'd take advantage of my PS+ membership and download this.

I must first replace my 40GB HD I guess....I have no clue how to free up 13GB on there.
tfoltz's Avatar tfoltz 06:18 PM 12-20-2010
Patch is live. Those of us who actually want to provide feedback on the beta instead of typing "game froze" every few minutes should enjoy it.

Info Here: Link

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The servers will be brought down at for maintenance but there is good news!

When we come back up, your Playstation 3 DCUO Beta will be updated! We’ve read your feedback, and the development team has been diligently working on numerous improvements to address outstanding issues. Here are a few of the changes you can expect:

* Text font has been increased to make menus and the User Interface more readable.
* If you are having trouble reading UI text and have an HDTV, look for the Screen Slider in Settings. Expanding it will make the text larger.
* A number of crash bugs have been identified and corrected which should reduce “freezing” issues.
* We’ve adjusted the User Interface to work better with the directional pad on the PS3 controller.
* The Social menu is much larger and we’ve provided menus with emotes and common phrases to help you communicate more efficiently. The Directional Pad on your Gamepad now gives players quick access to the following menus.
o Up: Actions Menu - Allows players to see Combo and Ability descriptions, toggle PVP Flag and change role.
o Down: Canned Chat Menu - Allows players to choose from commonly used phrases.
o Right: Buffs Menu - Allows players to see details about buffs that are currently applied
o Left: Emotes Menu - Allows players to use Character animation to communicate.te.
* Sound bugs have been fixed and all the final voiceovers are in the game.

As a note we've made adjustments to the Trait system so you may need to reselect yours. Let us know how you enjoy the patch and thank you for playing DCUO!

Check out the full patch notes here!

Patch Notes: Link

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Upcoming Features:

* New loot has been added to Alerts, Raids, and Duos! Get out there and see what you can find!
* The Screen Scale Option in your Settings should now improve how your menus look.
* Power Trees have been changed and as a result players may find their points reset.
* The difficulty of regular solo enemies at level 20 and above has been tuned upward slightly.
* Until the end of the Beta test, all players are now also granted the Batman Exobyte Data chip at level 5! Just enter your mission journal to complete the mission and claim your prize! Remember, you can only play Batman in live by pre-ordering, so head to to do just that today!
* Traits, Vendor, Social and Feats menus have been improved in terms of legibility. We continue to work through each and every UI element to address issues with font size and color. Please keep the feedback coming and we will continue to make improvements.
* The Kahndaq Raid has been reworked for a more exciting experience. Gather 7 of your friends and see if you can complete it. With 78.5% more polish, difficulty has been increased and the use of group mechanics has been enhanced.
* Bounty PvP missions are now available. These missions can be received from Bounty and Wanted Posters outside all Nightclubs and Police Stations by players’ level 10 or higher. To complete them you have to defeat five players of the opposing faction, no more than five levels lower than yourself. Every hour a system message will announce which faction has turned in the most bounties in that city and once every 12 hours, a daily city winner will be announced.
* New Challenge Modes are Available! At level 30 players will have 6 new Kiosks in both the Hall of Doom (Villain) and Watchtower (Hero) that grant one task, each pointed to a Level 30 version of an existing Solo Instance. Each task can be completed once per day and will grant a Mark specific to this content. The Kiosks are organized by Headquarters Wings and grant faction on completion of their tasks based on the Wing the tasks are found in.


* Directional Pad and F1-F4 now controls Quick Menu.
* Directional Pad Up/F1 - Actions Menu - Allows player to see Active Combos and Abilities, toggle PVP Flag and change stance.
* Directional Pad Right/F2 - Buffs - Shows what buffs you are using currently.
* Directional Pad Down/F3 - Canned Chat - Quick Chat system.
* Directional Pad Left/f4 - Emotes – Pre-generated Actions.
* Restored ability to switch hard lock targets by pressing DPad left/right while holding L1.
* Improved response of Acrobatics controls.
* Added ability to cancel channeled powers by jumping or pressing “block.”

Daily Mission Rewards:

* The daily Duo and daily Alert now award Marks of Distinction.
* Alert end bosses now drop more Marks of Triumph.
* Raid bosses now drop more Marks of Distinction.


* Normal NPCs now drop less cash.
* Endgame bosses now drop more cash.
* Daily missions now award more cash.
* Item cash values have been adjusted.
* Mission cash rewards have been adjusted.
* Item repair costs have been reduced.
* Level 30 players now earn more cash in the Vault.


* Moving (or getting moved) more than one meter will now cancel your logout attempt.
* Slightly increased experience awarded for mainline missions.
* Server Status is now available on Character and Server Select Screens.


* Group members will no longer have secure icons remain overhead.
* Multiple Gender and Shape Changing Bug Fixes:
o All localized text related to a character will use the gender of that character's unchanged form. For example, Jane, a female character playing as Batman in a Legends simulation doing a /shake emote will show up in the chat log as "Jane shakes her fist."
o Shape changes that automatically switch to male or female versions based on the gender of the person being changed will now use the unchanged gender, instead of gender of the current form they are in, so the evil toy shape change on a female character will always be the girl toy form, even if that was used while in a male form (like nature gorilla or wolf forms).
o The correct, unchanged gender will be used when adding a new style of an item to a character's style list.
o Female characters reverting out of a male shape change form and not wearing a shirt over a skin type that requires a bra will correctly wear the sports bra.
o Fixed a bug where male characters not wearing a shirt reverted out of a female shape change form and incorrectly tried to force them to wear a sports bra. Because of a related bug, this situation used to cause a server crash.
* You can no longer send mail to yourself.


* PvE battlesuit stats have been adjusted.
* Fixed a bug where a vendor would either not let you repair a damaged item from your inventory or would appear to leave damaged items in the repair list after doing a repair all (though the item would actually be repaired).
* The tokens used to purchase battlesuits are now called “Marks” instead of “Brands.”
* Some items now use different styles.
* Vault gifts now have a small chance to award Vault tickets and Marks of Distinction.
* Fixed purchasable items show as can not be purchased
* Some style names have changed.
* Most precision stat bonuses on items have been reduced.
* Some weapon styles have been replaced.
* Normal NPC treasure drop rates have been adjusted.
* Many items and styles have been renamed.
* Items that are purchased with Influence and Marks now additionally require normal cash.
* All iconic battlesuits should now have the appropriate origin restrictions.
* The Greco-Roman and New Genesis styles are now available in the Vault.
* Some race reward emblems did not award the appropriate styles, and now they do.



* Alert bosses now drop new items!
* Normal NPC’s now have a chance to drop unique Blue quality loot items.
* Alert bosses now have victory flags. They’re on a one-day timer.

Area 51:

* Players can return to Area 51 after the bossfight.


* Adjusted Collision boundary and various visual upgrades

Duo Mode:


* Duo bosses now drop new items!
* Normal NPC’s now have a chance to drop unique Blue quality loot items.
* Duo Minibosses and treasure chests are now Victory flagged. You may only earn their loot once a day



* Raid bosses now drop two items per KO.
* Normal NPC’s now have a chance to drop unique Blue quality loot items.

Ace Chemicals:

* Ace Chemicals now has four victory flags. For each victory flag, you’ll only be able to loot one of its bosses once per day.

o Distillation Wing (Punchline and Babyface)

o Storage Wing (Mad Duncan and Clownsanity)

o Batch Processing (Metal Mimes and Sludge Thing)

o Chemo


* You will now receive messages when the Aqueduct rocks in the marketplace are destroyed or sealed in place.
* The healers that tend to the wounds of the Waterkeepers in the Shiruta marketplace are now more effective and rise and fall like their masters.
* Enemies in the Shiruta Marketplace and Shintura Well areas are now harder to affect with Control powers.
* The healers in the Shiruta Marketplace now return to the earth when the aqueduct rocks are destroyed - like the Waterkeepers they serve.
* The guardians of the first two wells in Shiruta are now more powerful than ever.
* Text messages will now display to inform the player when General Adnan is changing tactics in battle.
* General Adnan now has new attack animations and effects.
* The Kahndaq Warrior is now a meaner, leaner fighting machine.

Stryker’s Island:

* Lowered the agro radius on the Rogues so that it will be possible to get your group into the room without inadvertently starting the encounter.

Player City/Safehouses

* Replaced Alan Scott as a iconic armor vendor with Aquaman.
* Swapped Steel and Robin’s locations in the Watchtower Tech Wing
* The Watchtower and Hall of Doom now feature vendor consoles that sell a variety of styles from character creation



* Robinson Park: The Forum of 12 Caesars kiosk will update mission tasks more consistently.
* Wanted/Bounty missions for the open world Iconic characters will now automatically be granted when they are attacked. The missions will still be available at the Wanted/Bounty poster locations in the appropriate police stations and nightclubs.
* Updated the level 30 introduction to end-game missions.

Apes of Wrath:

* Corrected issues with this mission boss fight.

Beware of the Jokers Bearing Gifts/Playing the Joker’s Game

* Combat and effects tells have been tuned for Harley Quinn.

Blinding Brother Eye:

* Fixed extremely dark lighting issues causing navigation problems for players in this instance.

Bounty: Green Arrow and Black Canary:

* Players will receive the feat for defeating the bosses as soon as both bosses are knocked Out.

Burn Like his Power/Beware my Power:

* Green Lantern and Sinestro NPCs will now make more frequent and varied use of Hard Light attacks

Coed Chomping:

* Mission text now informs player to be in zombie form.

De-Constructed/Sinestro's Sinestro Corps and Green Lantern Corps:

* Enemies will use different animations and speak more frequently to clarify why they are practicing their powers on a rooftop.

Exobyte Extraction:

* Steel will now drop level appropriate loot.

Gorge Yourself:

* Quest text now informs player to be in correct demon form.

Giganta Girl:

* Giganta is making it a bit more obvious when she is planning a powerful attack so pay attention to her tell or she will slam you into the floor.

Gorilla Warfare:

* Players will no longer get overwhelmed by a dense, repopulating wall of Grodd's gorillas.

In Limbo:

* Circe will wait for the demon Etrigan to finish speaking before she contacts villain players.

Lair of the Witch/Goddess in Peril:

* Beastiamorphs are now able to transport all Magical Exobytes.

Rats, A Zombie!:

* Mission text now informs player to be in zombie form.

Raven Unbound:

* Villains will now longer be instructed to defeat demons who are helping Trigon.

Reign of Blood:

* If you fall to Dr. Fate, all objectives will reset and you have to start the fight over.

Reaping Evil:

* Fixed an issue which could have caused Accusers to not spawn plentifully enough.

Riddle Me This:

* The exit hallway is no longer blocked by police.

Testing 1,2,3:

* Mission text now informs player to be in correct demon form.

The HiVE: Smashed:

* Task stage now directs players to Flash in the Little Bohemia Police Station.

Tidal Waves:

* Players will now receive due credit when completing mission objectives.

Under a red Sun Lamp:

* Players should not be able to lock themselves out of the final Supergirl fight.

Vault Ambush!:

* Districts are now set to be the Hall of Doom for the villainous mission and Watchtower for the heroic mission.

Wanted: Solomon Grundy:

* Solomon Grundy will no longer float in the air

Wrath and Desecration:

* Mission text now informs player to be in correct demon form.



* All Non Player Characters that use Breakout to escape from Control effects will be resistant to being controlled for a slightly longer amount of time.
* Fixed a bug where certain abilities were affecting characters through geometry.
* You can no longer toggle your summoned pet between “attack” and “passive” modes by activating the pet ability while the pet is summoned.
* The Might statistic no longer increases Healing abilities.
* Rallying other players can now be interrupted.
* NPCs can now break out of Shape Change.



* The amount of power received from weapon attacks has been reduced.
* Out of combat Power regeneration has been increased.
* The amount of bonus power received from KO’ing an enemy has been increased.
* Tuned Supercharge regeneration rates up slightly.
* Weapon Restoration stat boxes have been increased to 15 per point
* Weapon Health stat boxes have been reduced to 15 per point
* You now only need to hold the summon pet button for 1.5 seconds to dismiss your pet, instead of 3 seconds.

Controller Role:

* Passive power regeneration caused by Controllers in the Controller role has been removed in favor of active power restoration abilities.
* Power Baubles will only appear when fighting low tiered enemies.
* The +20 Vitalization Mastery bonus has been removed from all Controller trees.
* Being in the Controller role grants you a passive +350 Vitalization bonus.
* You now require 5 Vitalization to equal a 1% increase in Power restoration capability.
* Being in the Controller role reduces your personal power regeneration by 25%.
* Wisdom of Solomon now grants +50 Vitalization.

Damage Role:

* Being in the Damage role no longer provides a passive +35% damage bonus. You now receive a damage bonus when you use a super power. The strength of the bonus is dependant on the level of the power used. This bonus lasts as long as your combo continues. When the Hit Counter resets the bonus is lost. No matter what, the bonus always last a minimum of five seconds.

Tank Role:

* The duration of the taunt effect has been increased to 12 seconds to match the duration of the Tank defensive bonuses.



* Throwing knives should travel faster to match impact.


* Hand Clap is now the ranged primary attack and fires a single projectile
* Brawler ranged primary attack may now be used while running.

Dual Pistols:

* The Dual Pistols Tree has been adjusted.
* Generally, close or forward advancing attacks are performed with the melee button. Ranged and retreating attacks are performed with the ranged button.
* Lifting Shot, Loft Shot and Sweep Shot are all performed with the melee button, rather then switching between the melee and ranged buttons. Sweep Shot can also be performed immediately following Jump Shot.
* Jump Shot can now be performed following a ranged primary attack by holding the melee button. Jump Shot can also be performed immediately after Slip Shot or Loft Shot.
* Slip Shot is still performed following a ranged primary attack by holding the ranged
* button. Slip Shot can also be performed immediately following Loft Shot.
* Magnum Round can be performed following Jump Shot, Kick, Slip Shot or Sweep Shot by holding the range button.


* Volcanic Calamity should not look black anymore.
* The “On Fire” DoT should no longer interfere with the damage caused by Meteor Strike, Enflame or Inferno.
* Fireball Barrage: Projectiles are now destroyed on collision and travel more quickly.
* Reignition: Supercharge cost reduced.
* Enflame: No longer has a cast time or dependency for its full effect. While Enflamed you are also considered “Immolated” for the purposes of power interactions.
* Flame Cascade: No longer requires Immolation to set enemies on fire.
* Flashpoint: Now causes knockdown instead of pushback.
* Backdraft: Corrected a problem with Backdraft that could cause targets other then the instigator to receive healing.
* Burnout: No longer causes damage but instead applies a small amount of healing when used in addition to its original effect.
* Spontaneous Combustion: Also sets enemies on fire.
* Removed tree pre-requisites for Absorb Heat, Wildfire, Enflame and Meteor Strike
* Re-arranged Ignition tree to allow you to navigate to its Supercharge abilities using a controller.
* Absorb Heat, Detonate, Mass Detonation and Backdraft no longer extinguish flames to help them play more nicely with others in group situations.
* Inferno should be seen by all and working correctly now.
* Fire now receives a 60% increase in Health and 80% increase in healing received after using a super power.


* Defibrillator should now have visual effects attached to it
* Stasis Field: Removed the cast time. This now affects a single target in both Control and Damage role but has an enhanced duration while in the Control Role.
* Gadgets Traps and Tricks trees have been modified.
* Cryofoam and Scheme have been retired and are no longer available.
* Battle Plan is now a power regeneration over time buff.
* Defibrillator no longer increases run speed but increases your maximum Power pool by 15%. The Breakout duration was decreased. In the Controller role this ability will instantly restore power to the most drained group member and also increase their Power pool by 15%. The cost has been increased and it now has a negligible cooldown.
* Clown Box no longer debuffs nearby enemies in the Controller role but will instead restore power to the most drained group member. The duration was decreased to six seconds.
* Last Laugh is a new ability in the Tricks tree that restores power when an enemy is KOd.
* Intimidate is a new ability in the Traps tree that causes attacks to reduce the Willpower of enemies and restores power to you over time. When in Controller Role up to seven other group members have their attacks affected and the most fatigued group member also has power restored.

Hand Blaster

* Hand Blaster will no longer fire an extra effect while punching and running.


* Hibernation: Reduced Supercharge cost.
* Glacier Flash: Reduced Power cost.
* Arctic Gust: Increased cost and damage.
* Winter Ward: Now applies a bonus to Defense and Toughness for its duration rather then absorbing a flat amount of damage. This bonus applies in either Role.
* Resonating Gale: Object and character target limits are now separate and will not count against each other.
* Ice Bash: Will now trigger from using ranged primary attacks in addition to melee primary attacks.
* Bitter Winds: Removed casting time.
* Shatter Restraints: No longer causes damage but applies bonus to Defense and Toughness
* Removed tree pre-requisite for Blizzard, Deep Freeze, Hibernation and Freeze Ray.
* Frostsnipe, Reflection, Ice Boulder and Snow Ball apply their bonus effects when you have two frost effects applied instead of three.

Iconic Powers:

* Hard Light Shield will now cause an AOE taunt effect when used while in the Tank role.
* Neo Venom Boost will now cause an AOE taunt effect when used while in the Tank role. The cost and damage for this ability has been increased and the amount of Defense granted has been reduced.
* Pheromone Bloom cost and damage has been increased.

Martial Arts:

* Martial Arts ranged special attacks have been revised to make them more intuitive to perform. The full combo is performed by a series of hold ranged button inputs.
* The “Bolo Shuriken” ability has been removed. The “Shuriken Storm” box has been broken out into individual “Shuriken Storm” and “Empowered Shuriken” boxes.


* Mass Hysteria: Attacks caused by the Illusions now taunt opponents. These attacks cause significantly less damage but the illusions have significantly more health and are status effect immune. The illusions now last for 20 seconds.
* Bolt Barrage projectiles are now destroyed on collision and travel more quickly.
* Thought Bubble: Removed the cast time. This now affects a single target in both Control and Damage role but has an enhanced duration while in the Control Role.
* Telekinesis Ability should fire a beam at the target now.
* Psychic Shock and Whispers of Confidence have been retired and are no longer available.
* Psychic Empowerment has been reworked and now restores power over time.
* Telekinetic Shield has been updated. It now prevents damage, restores power to yourself and the most drained group members.
* Grandeur increases the maximum Power pool for yourself and instantly restores some power to the most drained group mate and increases their Power pool as well.
* Final Fright restores power when enemies are KOd.
* Presence causes attacks to reduce a target’s Willpower restores power to you over time. When in the Controller role up to seven other group members have their attacks affected and the most fatigued group member also has power restored.

Movement Powers:

* The Movement tree resistance boxes are now 1 box for a +10% bonus instead of three boxes for +12%.
* Increased speed of vertical zip line (acrobatics).
* Corrected flight orientation bugs.
* Increased flight “super sonic” speed by 10%.
* Reduced flight turn rate in “super sonic” flight.
* Added “stall penalty” when hitting objects in super sonic flight during races.


* The Nature ability tree has been adjusted.
* Wolf Rush has been retired and is no longer in the game.
* Insect Form may only be used while in the Healing role.
* Primal Wolf Form may only be used while in the Damage role.
* Gorilla Form now requires Supercharge to use and has a limited duration. While in this form your damage is increased by 35% and your healing ability is increased by 60%. Your health and healing received is increased by 25%. You also gain super strength and can lift very heavy objects. You may use both damage and healing super powers in this form.
* Minor Forms has been split out into both Canine Form and Pterosaur Form boxes. Both have been improved.
* In Canine Form you gain access to unique super powers and improved Power regeneration including the ability to move about undetected for short periods of time.
* As a Pterosaur you gain flight and other unique super powers and improved Power regeneration including the ability to dramatically increase the Might of group mates and you.
* Hive Mind and Carnage may be used in any role, now have a power cost but have a decreased cooldown.


* Fixed an incorrect damage scalar for Focused Spin attack that was causing it to deliver too much damage.



* The penalty for getting hit with Block Break or Interrupt has been reduced. The maximum duration you can be stunned from either is now two seconds and hitting the buttons for the skill test will free you in under a second. Block Breaks and Interrupts still inflict additional bonus damage as before.
* Interrupt and Block Break stuns now have priority over normal resistible stuns from player abilities. These lesser stuns will no longer take effect while a Block Break or Interrupt stun is applied.
* Player can only heal another player if they both have the same PvP flag.
* PvP Cash is now named Influence

PvP Legends:

* Created a new bracket for Legends: PvP so that players at level 30 will only face other level 30 players, even in Legends: PvP
* The new level 30 Legends: PvP bracket will award both Brands of Legends and Brands of Victory, allowing you to play Legends: PvP to earn Iconic PvP armor.
* Arkham Asylum: All four bosses in the Arkham Asylum PvP map will now be aggressive enough to attack anyone trying to take the Capture point near them but not so much that they will engage you before you see them.
* Arkham Asylum: Fixed a problem with Mr. Freeze's Ice Giant animations.
* Removed Daily bonus from Legends: PvP below level 30.
* PvP at level 30 will now always have a daily bonus map.
* Ace Chemicals: Zombie form abilities in Ace Chemicals will now do less damage.

PvP Events:

* Metropolis: A PvP event is now available in Metropolis. The Sinestro Corps and Green Lanterns have assigned War Coordinators outside the Midtown Nightclub and Police Station that will assign a Daily task to Villains and Heroes that want to help out. Although the task can only be done once a day, you can still participate in the event when ever it's running.


* ‘Now You See Me’ is now granted when the player destroys the security system in Metropolis University
* Feat and mission reward emails now have new, improved text..


* Investigations now award uncommon-quality items with stats appropriate to the level of the investigation.

* All investigations, briefs, and collections now have item rewards.

o Investigations (the green orbs) now award uncommon-quality items with stats, similar to the rewards you receive for the investigation’s related missions.

o Some high-level briefs (the blue orbs) now award Marks of Triumph and Distinction.

o Most briefs and all collections (the yellow orbs) now award rare-quality styles. All of the styles are totally unique – you can’t get them any other way.

Character Creation:

* Personalities are now ordered differently in character creation.
* Fixed a bug in character creation where the player would continue to animate after selecting a movement mode.



* PvP Mark Icons will now display properly.
* Fixed a bug where the combat log was using the wrong names for NPCs.
* Headline UI has had a number of general improvements.

Chat Channels:

* There are new chat channels for League, Trade, and Versus.
* Many game actions and events are logged to the chat log now. The Default tab now includes things like acquiring money and items from loot. There's also a new Combat tab that lists combat events.


* Feats UI is now more memory efficient and should no longer lag the XMB
* Feats UI text is now more legible and will marquee if needed
* Feats UI has snazzy new button state


* The inventory now has improved art.
* Fixed a bug where the paper doll would stop updating properly after awhile.
* Inventory items now correctly align to the mouse when dragged


* Added Disband League Confirmation Dialog Window.
* Changed 'League Invitation' dialog window text to something more appropriate


* The Map panels top left corner has been improved.
* Map UI has new higher res art, larger text, and is a "mini" map no longer!
* When x icon show in minimap, the world map will show mission icon at the same location.
* When overly area show in minimap, the world map will show it at the same location.


* Renown UI now has a localized gamepad legend.
* Renown UI has messaging (localized) when the player has not earned any faction points.


* Social UI will no longer crash upon opening 'who' dropdown
* Social UI will display more accurate player interaction options
* Social UI friend list displays online status
* Social UI player ignore options now function
* Chat window text no longer clears upon maximize/minimize
* Fixed broken player interaction functionality in Social UI
* Fixed broken league functionality in Social UI
* Social UI controller usability polish.
* Fixed a bug where getting a group invite while zoning or logging in would prevent the dialog window from going away


* Remade Style UI in high res with color picker included!


* The Trade UI now has hi resolution art in place.


* Made a number of improvements to this UI.


* Fixed a bug where item textures were in low resolution when previewing them from a vendor.


* Most significantly sized NPCs can now pick up objects single-handedly
* Wonder Womans facial animations in the communicator have been improved.
* Chemo and Minions have better looking and optimized effects
* Fixed a bug where NPCs that were knocked out while in the air would sometimes get stuck in their falling animation.
* Fixed a bug that caused emblems to "double up" on characters.
* Fixed a bug where logging in with broken gear would remove your appearance for that slot.
* Fixed a bug where some shape changes would use other character's colors instead of your own.
* The throwing stars should move faster now.
* The impact from the speedsters “speed drain” ability should look larger now.
* Shuriken should not stay in players hand while throwing.
* Fixed a bug where wings of one type would use the animations of a different type after a shape change.
* When slight adjustment to one handed weaponized throw anims to prevent certain objects from colliding with player/npc's head.
* Final animations for Black Adam and Ambush Bug communicator messages have been added.
* Fixed a bug where your weapon appearance would sometimes revert to your old appearance when you logged back in.


* Voiceovers will no longer pan wildly when you are near Target NPC’s.
* Voiceovers in The Watchtower and Hall of Doom should be updated to fix messaging problems.
* The voiceover for Ambush Bug should now properly describe the forthcoming mechanic.
* Final voiceovers for Deathstroke, Dr. Sivana, Fire, Toyman, Jeremiah Arkham, Male Sinestro Corps non-iconics, Male Arkham doctor, Female Arkham doctor, Deceptyre, and Felix Faust are now in the game.
* Final voiceover added for Zoom, various female intercom/announcers, Blood Demon females, Trigon Demon females, Ace Cyborg Boss, Red Tornado Bot, and Brine Hulk
* Added final voiceover for the Ace Security Guard, Stryker’s Island Security Guard, LexCorp and SL Forces in the Hive Alert, Arkham Guard, STAR Labs Forces, Ultra-Humanite, Kahndaqi Soldier, Toyman Robot, and Green Lantern Ring Computer, Sinestro, Mr. Freeze, Ace Chemicals PA System, Lantern Constructs, Echo, Mutant.
* Added final voiceover for for Batcave Security Robot, Statue, Brainiac Bosses, Oolong Robot, Ice Box, Commissioner Gordon, Captain Boomerang, Huntress, John Stewart, Riddler, Mirror Master, Jack Ryder, Orchidmen, Joker Goon Male, Joker Goon Female, Police SCU Male, Atlantean Slave Male, Shadowmen Villain Male, Sinestro Male, Soulless Superhero, Civilian Female Black Adam content, Cadmus Female Area 51 content, Mutant Oolong, Scientist Female Oolong content, Advertisement Male, Advertisement Female, Shadowmen Female, OMAC, Ambush Bug, Black Adam, Brother Eye, Arkillo, Hush, Lois Lane, Queen Bee Hive Alert, Veronica Cale, Lana Lang, Maggie Sawyer

zetram's Avatar zetram 11:56 PM 12-20-2010
Got to check out the new stuff before they shut down the server. The costume layout is much better. My acrobatic skills got a nice upgrade in speed and looks smoother. I swear they stole a good 4 skill points from me because a spent them on the 4/8/12 attributes, so i think it gave me 1 back instead of 2.

The difficulty has either been upped slightly or my guy is nurfed not quite sure which. Prolly both, but a needed change since I never really needed to team up unless I was going for a wanted guy.

Biggest grip is my damn summon still refuses to follow me sometimes
DaveFi's Avatar DaveFi 12:26 AM 12-21-2010
Originally Posted by zetram View Post
Brainiac is the supercomputer that ran Krypton that actual caused it's distruction
Only in the '90s animated version of Superman. DCU is more skewed toward the comics, so the Brainiac here is most likely an evil extra-terrestrial of Coluan origin. There's much more to it then that, check out the Wikipedia page I linked to if interested.
joeblow's Avatar joeblow 01:49 AM 12-21-2010
Enjoy the beta while you can fellas. The full game release on January 11, 2011. Here's a new interview to check out where it is revealed that a lifetime membership is $200 (the cost of 13 months):

IGN: First and foremost, how does it feel to have a final-final release date? You folks have been working on this game forever, and now, it's really coming.

Chris Cao: Right at the start, we sat down with Jim Lee in a steak house here in Austin and asked ourselves, 'How do you bring a universe to life?' Many, many hours, obstacles, demos, and play tests later we know. The DC Universe is online. We've got it. Now, we are very proud to share it.

IGN: Let's talk subscriptions. PC gamers are used to a monthly fee, but console gamers aren't. A lot seemed to freak out when it was first mentioned, but beta impressions have been very, very positive. Are you at all worried about how the console community is going to deal with the subscription fee?

Chris Cao: A little over a decade ago, people questioned subscription fees on a PC. They'd never played an MMO before and they weren't sure why they'd pay monthly to play it. Then they stepped into those first worlds, lived online, and came to realize that the experience was worth the expense. The same thing is going to happen on the PS3. People are always willing to pay for good games, especially when they continue to grow and change. We've made a great game in DCUO and we're going to keep adding to it with each and every update.

IGN: In today's announcement, you pegged lifetime membership at $199 – that's a little more than 13 months. To you, how long does DCUO go on? How long are those servers kicking? Do people need to worry about getting their money's worth?

Chris Cao: Frankly, it's a golden opportunity. We're going to be here for far more than a single year. We've got a lot of universe to build, and we're not going to stop anytime soon. If you take your math and only double it, the value grows. If you take your math and spread it across five years… or more… well, there's no better value for your entertainment dollar.

IGN: The beta is packed with players right now. When I talk to people about it, they always ask me if their characters will carry over or if they'll get something special for the retail game. What can you tell them today?

Chris Cao: Our beta testers have been our greatest asset in these last months. That they now want to live on with the characters they've made proves that world we've built together is ready. But there are millions of other players out there who haven't yet had a chance to start their journey in DCUO. To give everyone a fair, fresh start, we're going to end the world one more time just before launch. Jim Lee and our friends at DC are going to join us in a live, end-of-beta event where players will fight alongside and against the iconics as Brainiac's menace yet looms. Players will be able to experience what would've happened had they followed in the footsteps of the cinematic and battled each other instead of fighting to save Earth. It will be an epic end and thank you for beta. And it will set the stage for the real struggle to come in live.

IGN: What did you learn from the beta? How did you apply that to the game?

Chris Cao: Probably the most important thing we learned is that DCUO has a vast and varied audience. This isn't a "me-too" game or a clone. This isn't an iteration. DCUO is something new. And that fact caused more beta feedback than anything else. Some people wanted more of what they already had in other games. Others wanted more of what we'd made. In both cases, we gauged the forums, analyzed our metrics, and changed what was necessary to set the game on a solid foundation for day one. There will be many, many more days to come in this universe and we're excited to continue to the journey with our players.

IGN: Could you give us some stats from the beta? How many people played as heroes vs. villains? What was the most common movement type?

Chris Cao: We married metrics with direct feedback to get the best possible picture of what's going on in beta. While the statistics fluctuated a bit, there were some interesting results:
  • Superman was the favorite mentor by far. Circe needs a publicist.
  • Heroes seem to have the upper hand at about 60 percent. For now. Villain numbers are larger on PvP servers.
  • Players like blowing stuff up. Hand Blasters are everywhere.
  • The Little Bohemia Police Station is hopping on PvP servers. More player deaths occurred around it than any place else in both cities.

IGN: Are you resetting all the names from the beta?

Chris Cao: Yes, everyone will have a fresh start at launch. Even I am going to have to grab my favorite names on launch day. Watch out for [EDITED], heroes, on The Killing Joke!

IGN: What tips do you have for people who will be starting out soon?

Chris Cao: If I had to offer one piece of advice to a new player, it's this: get ready for something new. We aren't a traditional MMO. We aren't a single-player action game. We're a super-powered game you can play with your friends for months on end. That's not hype. That's DCUO.

IGN: Obviously, everyone's going to be excited to get their hands on the retail disc in a few weeks, but what about beyond that? What can people expect on a downloadable content front? On what SOE is up to once the game is out?

Chris Cao: We have a lot more we want to add and we'll be doing it with a series of updates and publishes. Updates will be more frequent and will bring new 'tween' content (content between the solo game and end game), end game growth (e.g. Batcave Phase 2 and beyond), new comic cutscenes, and new cool loot to win. Publishes are much larger and will introduce all new features, completely different environments, and big story advances to the game. Brainiac has invaded Earth. He's bottled the cities. Go stop him! And, when you've saved the Batcave, rest assured that another famous lair awaits…

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